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Updated: Mar 22, 2023

In hypnotherapy, you do not talk for hours about your problems, and I listen while you talk about unpleasant memories sessions after sessions. Hypnotherapy involves methods that help you neutralize a part of your puzzle, an unconscious emotional component that does not serve you well, but instead makes you act in a particular way you dislike. Once this component has been neutralized and you gain new perception, you will find yourself feeling different… you are changing. The purpose of hypnotherapy is to treat one specific issue at a time. Identifying your current problems and discovering what will benefit your life the most if they are gone, resolved, or changed is crucial. When this one issue is resolved, it usually affects many areas of the person's life and makes improvements all around.

Hypnosis is in essence direct bridge to subconscious mind. It is a trance like state in which people experience increased attention, concentration & suggestibility.
People in hypnotic state often seem sleepy and zoned out, but in reality they are in state of hyper-awareness. It is a state of mind where critical thinking of the human mind is bypassed and selective thinking established.


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