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Nothing you do changes the past, but everything you do changes the future ahead.

By Finding Ways to Work Together 

Below are the most common problems people are facing. However, hypnotherapy is not limited to the ones mentioned below. There are countless issues we can help with. Please get in touch with us to discuss your unique issue. 


Physical symptoms

Unwanted, unexpected body symptoms can often come from nowhere for no obvious reason—excessive blushing, fatigue,  tremors, or snorting even though our sinuses are clear. Those symptoms show up for a reason; they play a role in our lives. They are trying to tell us that we need to do some work, mainly about stuck emotions we don't want to face.


Healing trauma

Do you hold on to your past? Do you still feel the impact of experiences from your past? Do they limit your decision-making? Do you feel like you have no control over the way you think and react? You feel trapped and suffocated... The proven 5-Path Process is just perfect to help you let go of all unnecessary luggage.


Confidence and self-worth

Children are naturally confident since they don't understand how judgments affect them. We grow we somehow lose it over time for a variety of reasons. Hypnotherapy can restore your self-worth and help you feel good about yourself again. Feel valuable, feel important. Just Imagine how it feels!


Loss and grief

Losing someone can have a profound impact on a person's life. Some people hold on to their grief for a long period of time. When you're struggling with too much sadness, hypnotherapy can help you release it. In addition to losing another person, we can feel grief by losing other things, too... A job. A marriage. A dream...


Undesired habits

Habits are automatic behaviours you can stop, but you don't want to, since, in some way, they give you pleasure or provide relief for some reason. It is unwanted behaviour, but it is also wanted at the same time! When it starts affecting your health and well-being, it is about time to take action. You can let go of them with hypnosis.


Fears and phobias

Is your fear preventing you from enjoying life to the fullest? Does it limit you? Is there a point where you can no longer function normally? Hypnotherapy uses several excellent processes to identify the primary cause of the phobia and teach your mind new responses to the triggers.


Help with addictions

A person's addiction has a negative impact not only on their own life but also on those around them. Addictions destroy families, relationships, careers and more. In hypnotherapy, you can discover the hidden cause of a habit and set new patterns for yourself. Getting started requires willingness, readiness, and commitment.


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