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Annette at the beach

Hi, I am Annette

My English name is Annette, which is a translation of my original Polish name Aneta

I am a mother of 2 wonderful children (my stepson is 21yo now, and my daughter is 10yo)

My career has changed frequently over the years, as I sought to find what I meant to be doing. And yes... I have found it now...

I like to sleep in and stay up late... but I don't sleep in too often.

At age 30, I moved out on my own from my country, which I believe now, but didn't know then was to help me fully leave my first marriage behind

I enjoy cooking, however, I do not like following recipes...

My life woudn't be complate without COFFEE

I love camping, hiking and being around nature

I do speak the forest language, so yes! I have an accent

I keep collecting books and do not find time to read... I know one day I will...

In order for my mind and body to function well, I exercise to keep them both happy and active

I have two cats...

I love Shade, George Michael, Elton John and Eros Ramazzotti that not many here will know...

Despite my busy schedule and my commitment to my inner-self, I am content with my life and happy.

Pink Showcase
Nina my lovely cat

Meet my Gorgoeus Nina

Pink Showcase
Annette standing

Sometimes you have to go back

                 so you can move FORWARD

and Accreditations

  • Diploma of Modern Psychology | The Mind Academy

  • Master Clinical Hypnotherapist | The Mind Academy

  • 5 Path Certified Hypnotist | Banyan Hypnosis Centre

  • Master NLP Practitioner | The Mind Academy

  • Life & Success Coach | The Mind Academy

  • Diploma of Youth Work

  • Mental Health First Aid

  • Suicide Prevention Training

  • Therapeutic Crisis Intervention without Physical Interventions Training

  • Full Member of International Institute for Complementary Therapists 

  • Blue Card to work with children and adolescents

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