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The sessions you will receive in my practice are 90 minutes long. They are longer sessions.

As the process I am working with requires deep work, it is hard to shorten them in any way. The longer sessions have benefits; they save my clients' money, and as we can go through more material, fewer sessions are needed to achieve the desired outcome.

The 5 PATH process, on average, takes anywhere between four to six sessions. It is best to start with the 4-session package, and if there is a need for more, add as we go.

You can achieve your goal and desired outcome with Real Change Hypnotherapy. 
To do that, you need to commit and allow the time and the budget. Before booking, make this deal with yourself first; by doing that, you are already halfway there!

My packages have been structured for a reason: to allow the changes to take place as we work through all the barriers and blocks. Commitment to the whole process is the only way to get results rather than booking session by session. Ideally, The 5 Path Process will take four to six weeks, and there is always room to reschedule an appointment if needed. 

Payment Plans Available on Request

 If you need hypnotherapy and believe this will help you, but the only thing that is stopping you is "I can't afford it," there is a solution. Payment plans are available for clients who are genuinely in need. Don't hesitate to get in touch with me to discuss it further.

FREE face to-face Consultation 

A free consultation is a perfect time to get to know me and see if I am a good fit for you before committing to a program. There is no obligation for you to book further sessions.  During the consultation, I will explain hypnosis and what we will do during the process. I will listen to all about why you came to see me, and we will set your goals. 

If you decide to go ahead, this consultation will let us work on your issue immediately in your first paid session without spending time on explanations.

The consulatation can be done face to-face in my office or via Zoom.

Business Consultation

5 PATH Process

Four 90 minutes sessions ideally booked a week apart. 


Plus up to 1-hour FREE Consultation prior to first session 

  • When paid at the front or split into two payments.


  • When paid individually at each session or on Payment Plan

Individual Session


An individual 90 minutes session for clients who are commited to the 5 PATH process and prefer to pay as they go at each appointment.

Stop Smoking Accelerated Process


The program is for habitual smokers (no matter how many years you have been smoking) — two sessions, lenght of each session 2 hours  

Plus up to 1-hour FREE Consultation prior to first session 

Kids Hypnosis


Kids sessions apply to kids under 12 years old. Hypnosis with children under this age differs significantly from hypnosis with adults, as they can't go for long and get tired quicker. The duration of the session is 60 minutes.
Depending on the issue number of sessions will vary. 

Plus up to 30 minutes FREE Consultation prior to first session 

Book Your
Free Consultation 

To answer your questions about hypnosis and determine if hypnosis is right for you

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