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Is your unwanted physical symptom a problem, or is it a call to action that something in your life isn't working?

unwanted physical symptoms

We may not be aware that sometimes our physical symptoms might be an escape, a time off, or a break from overwhelming life and things we deeply inside do not want to do.

We can unconsciously create illness to rest, avoid, or make others care for us.

Consciously, we don't want to feel sore back, migraine pain, or fatigue. Those are unwanted symptoms. However, the subconscious stores all our deep thoughts, feelings, and hidden desires. And as our subconscious always works for us, sometimes it may find a way to give us what we wish in a form that doesn't serve us.

Take some time and look at your life. Like, really look at it, and be honest with yourself. Are you happy? Is there anything that you can not stand any longer? Can you change, reorganize, or eliminate what bothers you? What is it that you are missing?

Start creating your life from the beginning. Let go of what you don't need. Start bringing what you long for. It may be a long process, but if you don't start, you will only always be exactly where you are now.

Sometimes, not working on symptoms but on what caused them to appear is the key. When you fulfill your needs, there will no longer be a reason for symptoms to be there.


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