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Hypnotherapy for Anxiety

Have you suffered enough?

5 PATH is a perfect fit for anxiety and stress-related issues, as it covers all aspects that need to be addressed for the client to feel tension free and able to function day to day, handling life with ease. If you are on this page, it means you most likely experienced anxiety. Anxiety is a complex condition involving various physiological and psychological factors, and it comes in different levels, from feeling uneasy in your stomach for long periods to experiencing full-on panic attacks. Often, those unwanted feelings grow over time from a constant discomfort you can live with to a monster you can't handle.

​An old model still followed by many says that the worry about the future causes anxiety: worry all the time that something terrible will happen. The model I follow - as it has been proven to me by many clients, is that the past causes anxiety. And that is where my focus goes, to begin with.

What really causes anxiety? In some therapies, you will learn that pessimistic thoughts in your head will create negative feelings and further, anxiety. It is true to some degree.
However, from my observation when working with many clients, I learned that negative thoughts do not create negative feelings. Instead, they are bringing up the emotions you already have inside you. That makes a massive difference in how to work with anxiety. Rather than working on your disturbing thoughts, we work on those stuck emotions. Once your thoughts are not attached to any feeling from the past they cannot bring anything up anymore. They will be nothing more but the thoughts only.

Anxiety itself is not the problem. Anxiety is the symptom you experience— a symptom of fear stuck somewhere in the subconscious. The amygdala, a part of the brain responsible for processing emotions, hasn't stored an unpleasant memory appropriately but instead allows the feelings attached to the memory to float freely. That plays a prime role in developing anxiety. When any situation you are in raises similar feelings, the amygdala gets activated, bringing all those old emotions up, and hard-to-manage feelings manifest as anxiety or panic attacks.

5 Path Process can target the amygdala and reduce its reactivity to stress and anxiety triggers.

When working with me, we will not be working on symptoms but on the problem behind the anxiety, as working only on the symptoms and triggers will lead to short-lasting change. When working with me, we will concentrate on finding the root of what is causing your anxiety to re-frame unwanted thoughts and neutralize old emotions causing you stress today. 

Now, just imagine you have an aching tooth. Taking Panadol for the pain (symptom) will not help you long-term, but fixing the tooth (problem) will take your pain away (symptom). 

It is essential to understand that we don't need to experience a traumatic event to develop anxiety. Creating a false perception about a situation in the past can be enough to allow a negative emotion to implant in your subconscious and start affecting you later in life.

Apart from deep work of letting go of unnecessary emotions, at each session, we will install new patterns and practice new responses in situations that cause you anxiety—repetition of reacting to triggers calmly while in hypnosis builds new pathways in your brain. After the first session, you will be able to start using those new, calm responses in your daily life.  

On average, 4 to 6 sessions are all you need. However, as everyone is different, you may need additional sessions depending on how complex your issue is. We never know what will be uncovered during hypnosis.
For anxiety, the best way is to start with the 4-session package. 


Now, close your eyes and imagine living your life daily, free of anxiety or panic attacks, feeling calm and relaxed, and your chest and stomach areas are empty. There is no voice in your head as you focus on NOW and each moment you take as it is. You take on life challenges easily and confidently, without unnecessary worry or stress. And the only thought that comes through your mind tells you, you are safe. Imagine that.


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