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Hypnotherapy is often associated with quitting smoking and claim that it promotes weight loss... but there's much more to it than that. Let's take a closer look!

Would your life be better if you improved some of your behaviours or reactions? You know that, so you try, but no matter how many times you do, you keep reacting in the same, old way.  

Do you put others people before yourself? Is your new partner just like the one you just had left? Do you always deal with negative thoughts? Do you lack motivation and feel empty? You believe deep down you have the ability to achieve what you want… but somehow you can’t?... the list can just keep on going.

A wonderful tool like hypnotherapy can help in all these situations. Hypnotherapy can assist you change your life without committing to long-term therapy. It can help you develop new habits and behaviours. It can help you release all the baggage of stuck emotions you are carrying around. As a result, you will gain new insights and perceptions, which will change your thinking and behaviour. Yes, the change is possible! When your Hypnotherapist guides you and you're willing, you can achieve everything you desire. Personally, I've done it and I've seen it many times with my clients.

with Love, Annette


Change your life with the power of Hypnotherapy Gold Coast


& Stress

Anxiety is the result of a fear not grounded in reality but instead based on our own imagination about what may happen. It appears out of nowhere and is hard to control. The amount of stress in your life plays a crucial role in creating an anxiety-inducing environment. Hypnosis has proven to be helpful in overcoming those issues.



Is your fear preventing you from enjoying life to the fullest? Does it limit you? Is there a point where you can no longer function normally?

Hypnotherapy uses several excellent processes to identify the primary cause of the phobia and teach your mind new responses to the triggers.



Children are naturally confident since they don't understand how judgments affect them. We grow we somehow lose it over time for a variety of reasons. Hypnotherapy can restore your self-worth and help you feel good about yourself again. Feel valuable, feel important. Just Imagine how it feels!



Habits are automatic behaviours you can stop, but you don't want to, since, in some way, they give you pleasure or provide relief for some reason. It is unwanted behaviour, but it is also wanted at the same time! When it starts affecting your health and well-being, it is about time to take action. You can let go of them with hypnosis.


& Grief

Losing someone can have a profound impact on a person's life. Some people hold on to their grief for a long period of time. When you're struggling with too much sadness, hypnotherapy can help you release it. In addition to losing another person, we can feel grief by losing other things, too... A job. A marriage. A dream...

Healing from Past Experiences

Do you hold on to your past? Do you still feel the impact of experiences from your past? Do they limit your decision-making? Do you feel like you have no control over the way you think and react? You feel trapped and suffocated... The proven 5-Path Process is just perfect to help you let go of all unnecessary luggage. 



Many people who have tried many weight-loss programs, or any diet, and are still holding onto their weight have an underlying issue, which prevents them from losing their weight. Changes must be made at the unconscious level in order to achieve the result in this case.  The hypnosis sessions are extremely effective here, and they will ensure your success!



In recent years, smoking has become less desirable and more unpopular than ever. It's also so expensive these days! Not to mention the impact on your health. When you're tired of knowing that this little cigarette has a hold on you, give us a call! Let us help you. You can choose between two programs to help you reclaim control over the situation!


A person's addiction has a negative impact not only on their own life but also on those around them. Addictions destroy families, relationships, careers and more. In hypnotherapy, you can discover the hidden cause of a habit and set new patterns for yourself. Getting started requires willingness, readiness, and commitment.





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How does the Mind work?

There are two parts to our mind: Consciousness and Subconsciousness. Our conscious mind is responsible for rational, analytic, linear thinking and problem-solving. We have a conscious mind that analyses reality and sends the information to our subconscious mind. However... the conscious mind does not control our actions.

The subconscious mind controls our actions - the mind that does not understand time: the Now, the Past, or the Future. A human is born empty, like a blank page, and as the years go by, our subconscious mind is filled up with emotions, images, memories, situations, and feelings that are stored without any attachment to any point in time, they just hang out there creating our belief system, values, morals, and identities. Somewhere along the way, we encounter something negative that creates a belief that will not serve us later in life and we carry these emotions throughout our lives without knowing how to resolve them. Our behaviours are influenced by the emotions we store in our subconscious, so the fewer negative emotions we hold onto, the easier and happier our lives will be.

How can I help?


As a Hypnotherapist I believe to truly help someone we need to do deeper work using Hypnosis rather than just direct suggestions. As our behaviours are driven by emotions, carrying negative emotions long term will eventually lead us to problems. Often it shows up as ‘’too much behaviour’’ like smoking, drinking, working or also too much anger, too much worry or too much sadness.  Additionally, all sorts of low self-esteem issues, avoidance of people, feeling like a burden and more… They are all a result of perceptions we build while we are very young and carry inside our mind. These will most likely lead to further anxiety and stress. 

I base my work on a process called
5-PATH® ( 5 Phase Advanced Transformational Hypnosis). This approach focuses on finding the moment where the negative feeling has been implanted in the subconscious mind for the first time and change it,  in other words getting to the real root of the problem and neutralize it. Changing that feeling creates new emotions and promotes new and different behaviour patterns.  Better patterns.

Tried so many things and nothing helped?
With hypnotherapy you can achieve all from the below and more!

  • Overcome low self-esteem 

  • Build up your confidence and  feel better about yourself

  • Changing the believes that are limiting you

  • Feel empowered and motivated

  • Lose weight and change you eating habits

  • Let go of the stress

  • Coping with prolonged grief 

  • Stop smoking with no weight gain

  • Take control over alcohol intake

  • Free yourself from fears and phobias

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Choosing a therapist is as important as choosing the therapy itself. In order to achieve success, communication and trust need to exist. Sometimes, just by looking at the photograph, you already know whether the person is right for you or not.

What the clients say


I highly recommend Annette. With few Amazing Relaxing sessions, she helped me realize and resolve my major problem. I had suffered from forgetfulness. My experiences with her during our sessions have come with some very unexpected realizations. I came into the sessions with a very open mind but very low expectations, which I find is the best way to face something new. Annette explained to me all the process and answered all my questions in a very clear way. I had no idea that the very first session I would be faced with some pretty heavy realities and realizations on how I view myself. During hypnosis I was able to remember and release this old and harmful program. Every time I leave, I leave with calmness, inner peace and positivity. I am very grateful for the work she has done with me. My memory restored to full potential and I notice a lot of positive changes in how I feel and think and see things. I love it. She has helped me develop a positive focus for my life and she reinforced it through hypnotherapy, it was a very natural and positive experience. I recommend Annette to everybody I know, she is so understanding, positive and trustworthy.

Beverly N.