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Annette Eilmann
Master Clinical 5-PATH  Hypnotherapist

Hypnotherapist Gold Coast

Hypnotherapy can assist you in changing your life without committing to long-term therapy and it can help you develop new, healthy habits and behaviours that you desire.

What do you struggle with today? Do you have a problem with controlling your emotions? Do you feel angry all the time? Jealous? Inadequate? Maybe you can't deal with a loss you experienced. Whatever it is, if there are feelings that you are not coping with, it means they are not from the present. Those feelings are from your past. Feelings that accumulated over the years and now have become too much.  You can't handle it.

People can develop issues due to repressed emotions they are often unaware of, from addictions, eating disorders and overreacting to physical symptoms like fatigue, fibromyalgia or tremors. Those issues are only a few to mention as the list continues.
Depression, anxiety and PTSD are unresolved emotions about past experiences lingering there, asking you to do something about them. 

Hypnotherapy can be applied in many ways, from soft and relaxed sessions to re-programming the mind. From my experience working with clients, the change is only long-lasting once we get to the bottom of the problem and work there first. The process I work with that is proven to have helped hundreds, allows us to do that. It is a systematic process that clarifies wrong perceptions, lets us let go of negative patterns and releases old emotions that impact us today. Doing this gives us free and clear space to create a new, positive belief system. The belief we want to live by so we can feel better, react differently and let go of physical pain, addiction, phobia or a bad habit. 

the human mind
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Let me help you to overcome your difficulties.

Have you tried so many things and nothing helped?
With hypnotherapy you can achieve all from the list below and more!

Build your confidence and feel better about yourself

Changing the beliefs and blocks that are limiting you

Feel empowered and motivated

Let go of the stress and overwhelm

Coping with prolonged grief 

Stop smoking with no weight gain

Take control over alcohol intake or other addictions

Free yourself from fears and phobias

Heal trauma from early childhood and later life

Change Your Life With The Power Of Hypnotherapy Gold Coast

hypnosis for fears and phobias

Fears & Phobias

Is your fear preventing you from enjoying life to the fullest? Does it limit you? Is there a point where you can no longer function normally? Hypnotherapy uses several excellent processes to identify the primary cause of the phobia and teach your mind new responses to the triggers.

boosting confidence with hypnosis

Confidence & Self-worth

Children are naturally confident since they don't understand how judgments affect them. We grow we somehow lose it over time for a variety of reasons. Hypnotherapy can restore your self-worth and help you feel good about yourself again. Feel valuable, feel important. Just Imagine how it feels!

stop bad habits

Undesired Habits

Habits are automatic behaviours you can stop, but you don't want to, since, in some way, they give you pleasure or provide relief for some reason. It is unwanted behaviour, but it is also wanted at the same time! When it starts affecting your health and well-being, it is about time to take action. You can let go of them with hypnosis.

overcoming loos and grief

Loss & Grief

Losing someone can have a profound impact on a person's life. Some people hold on to their grief for a long period of time. When you're struggling with too much sadness, hypnotherapy can help you release it. In addition to losing another person, we can feel grief by losing other things, too... A job. A marriage. A dream...

healing trauma

Healing from Past Experiences

Do you hold on to your past? Do you still feel the impact of experiences from your past? Do they limit your decision-making? Do you feel like you have no control over the way you think and react? You feel trapped and suffocated... The proven 5-Path Process is just perfect to help you let go of all unnecessary luggage. 

help with weight loss

Weight Loss

Many people who have tried many weight-loss programs, or any diet, and are still holding onto their weight have an underlying issue, which prevents them from losing their weight. Changes must be made at the unconscious level in order to achieve the result in this case.  The hypnosis sessions are extremely effective here, and they will ensure your success!

overcoming addiction


A person's addiction has a negative impact not only on their own life but also on those around them. Addictions destroy families, relationships, careers and more. In hypnotherapy, you can discover the hidden cause of a habit and set new patterns for yourself. Getting started requires willingness, readiness, and commitment.

FREE Consultation

One hour Face to Face in office or via Zoom
Note* Consulatation does NOT include Hypnosis

Do I need a consultation?

You don't need a consultation prior. We can discuss your problem over the phone and book your first session from there. However, for people who are not sure or hesitant, it is an excellent opportunity to see if we are a good fit for each other without any obligation to commit to further sessions. During this appointment, I will also explain all about hypnosis, and the techniques I use, answer all your questions, and determine if hypnosis is right for you.

hypnosis gold coast

How does the Mind work?

There are two parts to our mind: Consciousness and Subconsciousness. Our conscious mind is responsible for rational, analytic, linear thinking, and problem-solving. Our conscious mind analyses reality and sends the information to our subconscious mind. However, the conscious mind does not control our actions.

The subconscious mind controls our actions, as every behaviour is driven by emotion. A human is born empty and pure, ready to experience life. As the years go by, our subconscious mind fills up with events, situations, images, memories and emotions, and feelings they brought up. All the collected information create our beliefs, values, morals, and identities. Somewhere along the way, we encounter something negative, and unpleasant emotion is born. This emotion creates a view, a belief that will not serve us later in life. The longer we live with the negative belief and encounter negative experiences, the stronger the belief becomes, eventually creating issues we don't know how to handle, like depression or behaviours we can't stop, like drinking too much. 

The problems and poor repeating patterns we experience are caused by the emotions we store in our subconscious. That's why working on this level of mind is crucial for changes to happen.

help with hypnosis

How can I help?

I can help you get your life on track, whatever it is you need. Stop drinking or smoking, let go of your traumatic childhood or tragic event you can't get over, get out of depression or be free from anxiety. It is easier than you might expect. And the only thing I need from you is your commitment. If you feel it will be hard to commit to the Process but wish to change, working on your dedication would be the first step we could take together. 

When you decide you are ready, I am here to assist you along your journey while you are making progress. When we connect with your subconscious, we will find the solutions within you, the answers that have always been there, hiding on a different level of mind you could never access. When you complete the Process, the person you should be grateful for the positive outcome is Yourself. 
My program is a beautiful voyage, as often, my clients get more than they asked for. Apart from getting the results you wish for, the work we are doing somehow might unlock your potential, wake up your motivation or make you calmer. There is always something extra you will gain from completing the whole Process.

I am still surprised how little people know about Hypnosis and the outstanding transformation it can bring to people's life. So many clients wished they had known about it earlier. Many clients were stuck with a problem for years before deciding to do something about it, as they didn't think it could be resolved. Many tried all sorts of other therapies, as they never thought Hypnosis would be the best choice. And yet, it was!

Hypnotherapy is powerful. The 5PATH Process can bring long-lasting changes. You decide now, do you want to live with something that bothers you or be free from it? 

Annette Eilmann Clinical Hypnotherapist

Am I Your Therapist...?

Choosing a therapist is as important as choosing the therapy itself. In order to achieve success, communication and trust need to exist. Sometimes, just by looking at the photograph, you already know whether the person is right for you or not.

Payment Plans Available on Request

 If you need hypnotherapy and believe this will help you, but the only thing that is stopping you is "I can't afford it," there is a solution. Payment plans are available for clients who are genuinely in need. Don't hesitate to get in touch with me to discuss it further.

Call for Free Consultation 0401 189 643

working with real change hypnotherapy

Why work with me?

I look at life as it is given to us as life. Neither a good nor a bad life. Like a blank page. A page that, unfortunately, other people can write on, too, making it harder for us to make our own. We can change other people's negative inputs through inner work. It is up to us to make our life good or bad. Make it bad, is to give up and allow everything that isn't working in your life to take over. Making our life good is much more challenging; it requires an open mind, strength, willingness, courage, and commitment. Sometimes it is possible to do it on your own, sometimes it is not, and that's where people with special knowledge and skills can help.


When working with me, you are the session's leader, and I am the facilitator. I trust your subconscious as I know it will take us to places where you need to see a different perspective, resolve something, heal, release, and let go. I am there for you and with you all the way to comfort you and make you feel safe. 

You will be amazed at how easy it is, often surprised by what places you have visited and how light you feel when you emerge from hypnosis. After each session, you will feel more relief and gain more understanding and freedom. You will start feeling the changes inside of you, and you will start acting and responding to the world differently and begin seeing things in your life in a new light. 

I say this as I hear it from my clients over and over. If they are experiencing that, why not you?

So, I don't ask you just to try,  just to give it a go. 
Instead, I invite you to work with me as the Process will benefit you in many positive ways.

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