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"How Hypnosis Can Release Trauma and Repressed Emotions"

Dressing or covering up the wounds will not ever heal them.

Cossed arms with covered up wounds
Healing trauma

A sudden arousal of random symptoms we have never experienced before is a sign from your body to get your attention. More often than not, it is a trauma rooted in the body— the moment of paralysis and inability to take action that results from the "freeze response."

To heal, we need to allow the body to move and help to unfreeze, to escort emotions and thoughts into consciousness. Allow them to be processed and released.

People may hesitate to work on trauma because they are afraid of the pain during the process. They may not have the motivation to do so, as they don't know how it feels without the negative emotions, and it is hard for them to imagine the other side because they have never been there.

Now, the only motivator to do work is the symptom they have—the symptom that bothers them more than repressed emotions.

With the help of the right professional, the release of trauma can happen safely and in a supportive environment, bringing inner peace to a person's life and clearing the symptoms.

5 Path Hypnosis is a powerful process that helps resolve stuckness and supressed emotions, bringing balance to your body and mind and bringing lightness, comfort, and strength.

Real Change Hypnotherapy is highly skilled in 5 PATH Hypnosis and has helped many people using this technique.


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