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What is 5-PATH?

5-PATH® (5 Phase Advanced Transformational Hypnosis) was developed as a result of thousands of hours of hypnotherapy.  It has become a highly praised and effective approach to conducting hypnotherapy practiced by a growing number of specially trained hypnotherapists around the world.  5-PATH® is a trademarked name and may not be performed by anyone without completing  a certified Course.

5-PATH® is a universal approach to conducting hypnotherapy for most of the issues that involves emotional or behavioural change. 

5 Path uses therapeutic and hypnotic techniques applied in 5 faces. It is important to understand that 5 faces don’t mean 5 sessions. On average 4 - 6 sessions is enough, however, there are cases when one face can take up more than one session – it is depending on how complex person’s problem is.

Each of the technique of 5 Path are arranged, so that they are utilize to their maximum benefit in the widest variety of circumstances of the client’s problem. These are cases such as working with habits, addictions, compulsions, fears, mood problems, self-esteem, and even overcoming psychosomatic illness as well as working with a variety of medical issues that are stress related or emotionally based. 

During the process you will learn about ‘secret language of emotions’ and you will have better understanding of some of your behaviours. You will also learn that all feelings are good and they are there to help you and guide you. First step is to find the way to respond to these feelings in a satisfying way, as feelings left unsatisfied do not go away. Unsatisfied feelings tend to become stronger instead and that’s when we start to do ‘too much’ of a behaviour.

5 Path is a very deep process and tents to give a complete clearing of the underlaying problem. We will work together as a team as you go through the process, neutralizing any old limiting beliefs, emotions or habits that have caused you to not be as successful as you would like to be regarding the issues that you want to work on.

At the same time, it allows to install new, positive believes that will create change in person’s behaviour and change old patterns.


It is very important to understand that without getting and neutralizing the core of the problem, the changes you make will be only temporary. You will feel better for a while but soon or later you will fall back to your ‘old ‘way.


As a 5 Path Certified Hypnotherapist I have been trained to find the actual root of the issue and eliminate it. Then and only after we neutralize the cause I will give you individualized and powerful hypnotic suggestions that will lead directly to success. That systematic process will allow you to achieve long term results.



The 5-PATH® process is good for the clients that are ready and serious about their change. Clients that are willing to commit to a MINIMUM 4 sessions over 5-6 weeks period. Every and each session will bring changes and as we go along you will notice the difference within yourself.

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Certificate of 5 Path Hypnosis

5 PATH® International Association of Hypnosis Professionals
Banyan Hypnosis Center for Training and Services, Inc

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