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All feelings are good!

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

Yes....they are here to tell us what we need to work on. The anger, the sadness, the fear, frustration… all of them are floating inside you for a reason, needing you to take care of them.

However, many times they are so unpleasant that rather than do something about them, we put them aside. We cover negative emotions by distracting ourselves, doing something else, anything just to not feel them. Doing this begins the creation of long-term problems. We smoke, we drink, we shop, we eat instead... sooner or later those distractions will turn to "too much behaviour'' making us alcoholics, chain smokers, shopaholics, workaholics, name it!

The sooner you start noticing the feeling you don't like and give it a satisfying response, the sooner you will be back on track and get your life in order.

Hypnotherapy is such a wonderful tool that can help you to find those primary feelings you are carrying deep inside you. Often enough we hide them so deeply that we aren’t even aware that we have them anymore. All we are aware of is that we have a problem with life, behaviour, addiction.

Take the first step and reach for help.


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