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We all have a little child inside of us.

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

When this child has unresolved emotions, he/she will pass them on to grown up, to our current self. This will show up as something we don’t want in our life like unwanted behaviours, addictions, or physical symptoms.

We all have a pattern inside of us we live by, very often without knowing...

Our subconscious mind is constantly seeking and creating situations, so this pattern can be present for the child inside of us. The inner child is seeking the circumstances that are familiar for him/her. The inner child feels safe in those negative patterns as this is all he/she knows.
Even though now as adults we don't want any of that in our lives... until we take care of our ''little one'', he/she will be bringing this unwanted material into our lives over and over again.

Hypnosis allows doing this work safely. In a calm environment and under experienced supervision you can integrate with your younger you. Feel as one. Feel completed.


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