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Hypnosis for weight loss is a very effective way to change your “mind behind the mind” that is, your unconscious mind.


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weight loss hypnotherapy melbourne

Weight problems can dramatically increase the risk of health issues such as heart failure, type-2 diabetes, high blood pressure and more, and can lead to premature death. Despite the health risks, many people find it difficult to lose weight or manage their weight.

Weight management is primarily about what you believe about yourself and your eating.

Most people I’ve worked with have been on numerous diets that have not worked for them. In many cases, structured diets are not the key. The key is an attitude of controlled eating. And this can be achieved through hypnosis.

Hypnotherapy for weight loss can help you to assess what you eat and drink and mentally block some unsuitable foods and portion sizes. But proper weight loss is not all about eating habits. Sensible exercise is also part of the story, and is necessary to reduce body fat and develop and tone muscles.

For those who are able, an exercise program is an integral part of weight loss. Many people, however, are unable to exercise, whether it’s due to lack of time or medical or physical conditions.

If you’re in a situation where exercise is difficult, hypnosis for weight loss can help you to overcome the mental blocks that make weight loss so difficult.

With my weight loss and weight management programs, no drugs or medication are involved. And no one feels guilty, because you can only feel guilty if you break the rules, and at Real Change Hypnotherapy we don’t believe in rules.

If you’re considering weight loss hypnosis in Melbourne, contact Real Change Hypnotherapy.

Disclaimer: Situations, emotions, metabolism and eating history vary from person to person, so the results of this therapy will differ from person to person.

The Program

My hypnotherapy for weight loss program uses Advanced Hypnosis. It is generally carried out over two sessions. If you have serious emotional problems triggering overeating, more extensive work and extra sessions may be necessary.

Children and young people under 16 are welcome, but must be accompanied by parents. Since this program involves co-operative interaction between the hypnotherapist and the patient, the child or young person must wish to manage their weight.

For more information about my weight loss hypnotherapy in Melbourne, please call Real Change on 0417 314 283 or contact us online.

Not sure about hypnosis?

The benefits of hypnosis to treat a range of issues and addictions are widely recognised. Many doctors use it and recommend it. It is completely safe and carries no side effects. Experiencing hypnosis is like entering a daydream state, which allows the “mind-behind-your-mind” to make changes to habits and feelings. Weight loss hypnosis in Melbourne can help you take control of your weight management and develop better self-control and self-confidence.

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