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Hypnosis is a very effective way to change your “mind behind the mind” that is, your unconscious mind.


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quit smoking hypnosis melbourne

Welcome to Real Change Hypnotherapy. If you want to quit smoking through hypnosis in Melbourne, then you’ve come to the right place.

Quitting smoking on your own is hard. But it doesn’t have to be. You can stop smoking with hypnosis. Hypnotherapy has proven benefits when it comes to dealing with addiction. And smoking is one of the most notoriously difficult addictions to kick.

Quitting smoking has big benefits:

    • Freedom from the control of habit and addiction
    • Better breathing
    • Increased stamina and better movement
    • Overall health improvement
    • Dramatic decrease in the risk of emphysema, cancer, heart disease, stroke and over thirty other diseases
    • You live longer

Unfortunately, many people can’t quit or stay quit. But help is at hand. At Real Change Hypnotherapy I can help you quit smoking with hypnosis.

I am a specialist provider of hypnotherapy for smoking in Melbourne.

There is overwhelming scientific evidence that smoking will severely harm and probably kill you.

So, why do people keep smoking?

The short answer is: Nicotine. In small quantities nicotine is an addictive sedative that works like valium, only faster and for a shorter period. In larger quantities, however, nicotine is a poison.

As a sedative, it calms you down. But as an addictive substance, it causes your brain to run an automatic program so that any level of stress, including an ongoing and unrecognised stress state, causes you to want to smoke.

Many people start smoking when they are young to belong, to rebel, to feel grown-up or for a variety of other reasons. Unfortunately, addiction is rapid and very difficult to shake, which may mean you’re stuck with the addiction for life.

Addiction also creates habits that you associate with time, location, circumstances and actions, like hand movements. The addiction is in your brain and your background mind: the subconscious or unconscious. This means you can consciously decide not to smoke, but unconsciously you still need to smoke. You may really want to stop smoking, but you can’t.

Hypnotherapy for Smoking in Melbourne

Hypnosis can use your conscious mind or bypass it to make changes in your unconscious. If you work to stop smoking with hypnosis, the treatment can block the need for cigarettes and help to make your inner-self stronger and healthier so that you can better manage stressful situations without the help of a sedative.

If you want to stop smoking with hypnosis in Melbourne, then contact Real Change Hypnotherapy. I’ve helped thousands of people quit smoking with hypnosis in Melbourne.

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