Hypnosis Frequently Asked Questions


ONE one-on-one session, tailored to your personal needs with an experienced and expert Clinical Hypnotherapist.

Hypnosis is a co-operative interaction in which you respond to the suggestions of the hypnotist. (There are other sorts of hypnosis which are not covered in discussions of therapy.) It should not be seen as something the hypnotist does to you. Your co-operation is essential.

In hypnosis I help you narrow your attention to what we are doing together at that moment. It may be something that changes the way you understand your world, or involves trance, which we mostly experience as a relaxed, altered state of awareness that allows you to absorb, focus and concentrate on the words I say.

You may feel as though your mind is wandering off, or you may feel very aware, but that is actually your conscious mind being turned down so your subconscious mind can pay close attention to the positive suggestions that are given by a clinical hypnotherapist.

You can use hypnosis to lose weight, quit smoking, build confidence, or change your life for the better. The possibilities are unlimited!

And How Does the Trance Work?

When you relax, your brainwave frequency begins to drop and your focus narrows. As this happens the conscious critical part of your mind, the part that responds to your current beliefs and mind patterns, is not listening.

For example, let’s say you believe you are a highly strung and anxious person, but you don’t like this aspect of yourself. Instead you would like to feel more peace and clarity. If you were fully awake and you heard your therapist say the words: ‘you are a calm and relaxed person’, your conscious critical mind would immediately kick in and say, ‘no I’m not!’

For this reason, it’s very hard to change unwanted beliefs and behaviours when you are conscious and alert. But – when you are in a state of hypnosis, your unconscious mind is open and receptive to the suggestions I give it, while the conscious mind is may be off somewhere else.

Hypnosis includes everything that involves someone taking your mind to an altered state. Stage-hypnosis is one obvious example.

Hypnotherapy is using hypnosis to improve peoples lives. Therapy comes from a Greek word for healing, and that is a big part of hypnotherapy. But we also use hypnosis to help people develop. We use it a lot in sports training and sales and management training, for instance. We help people learn to read and write, overcome stuttering, and manage ADHD. Just about any condition can be improved through hypnotherapy.

Yes. Some people respond faster than others. If you see me with the wish to be hypnotised, you will be hypnotised.

Some people have false ideas about hypnosis after seeing stage-hypnosis and believe that they will “go under” and know nothing of the process. The truth is that most people hypnotised are aware of what the hypnotist is saying all the time. What they can’t know, because, of course, it is unconscious, is the work the hypnotist does with their unconscious mind which helps them change.

Realchange Hypnotherapy is generally faster and more effective than any ‘talking’ therapy because it deals with the whole person: the conscious mind and the unconscious mind which includes the whole body.

Recent science has shown that the brain’s conscious and unconscious interact with each other and the body making changes back and forth all the time. Only working with the conscious mind is limited.

Having said this, hypnotherapy isn’t just walking into a clinic, being hypnotised and shown the door. You receive counselling to support your continued development and provide you with conscious processes to help you achieve better results. These come from Neuro Linguistic Programming, which is a system of psychology that uses different mental processes that we know work well.

When you arrive, I will get you to provide some basic information about yourself and the reason you have come for hypnotherapy.

I will then discuss with you some methods that you can use to help yourself. I will introduce you to hypnosis in whatever way will be most effective. I will use a number of different methods to take you into a hypnotic state. You may be brought in and out of trance a number of times during the session.

Some of this will be like listening to a relaxing dream, sometimes as if you are asleep, others in a conscious but different mental state. You may listen to a story. Some people feel that they are familiar with parts of this through their experience of meditation, say, or martial arts. You will enjoy it.

When you leave you are awake and aware. You can drive and attend to your next activity.

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