Hi, I'm Annette

So... here I am so you can see me...

And here are some little things you might like to know about me...

Am I your therapist...?

- I am a mother of 2 wonderful children (my stepson is 21yo now, and my daughter is 10yo)

- I have change my career many times during my life, in search for what I meant to be doing. And yes... I found it now...

- I like to sleep in and staying up late night... however I do not sleep in to often

- I moved away form my country, on my own in age of 30yo, what I believe now, but didn't know then was to help me fully leave my first marriage behind

- I enjoy cooking, however I do not like follow recipes...

Cat Lying Down

- I have large collections of books that I want to read and do not find time for it... however still collecting them with hope, that one day when I retire I will... 

- I love camping!... and coffee!... and many others things...

- I have also two the most beautiful cats, that tease each other very often

- I have a husband who still, after many years of being together makes me laugh...

- I continuously work on myself  and clear any unnecessary luggage of my past so I can live my present happily  

- Even though life is not always perfect I am grateful every day that I received this gift of  human existence 

My work

I have been successfully working with many clients bringing them up from dark places, the places they didn't want to be, but  they were stuck for years.  It gives me tremendous pleasure to see how my clients overcome their fears, leaving past safely behind and moving forward without the luggage they were carrying. My work is very rewarding and I love what I do. However, to achieve the result I need you to be fully ready for the change and committed to the work that has to be done. 



Master Clinical Hypnotherapist

Master NLP Practitioner

Life & Success Coach

5 Path Certified Hypnotist

Diploma of Youth Work

Mental Health First Aid

Suicide Prevention Training

Therapeutic Crisis Intervention without Physical Interventions Training